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MAAA Membership Registration Application



Membership to MAAA is simple and absolutely free to our Martial Arts and Fitness Kickboxing Community.  Just review and complete the simple membership form below and you will be contacted by our staff to schedule your orientation to our association.

1)  For the benefit of the Member School (MS), the Martial Arts Association of America (MAAA) will:

  1. Generate trial offers through various marketing campaigns that MS will honor (5 free classes and 10 free classes);
  2. Develop an internet presence for the MS;
  3. Provide MS's class schedule & registration forms online through websites for easy access for potential clients to join classes given by MS;
  4.  Negotiate bulk deals with group buying sites for trial offers and other services.
  5. Provide sales campaigns and techniques for the conversion of trial leads into paying MS students.
  6. Provide educational material, webinars and marketing support.
  7. Negotiate discounts from approved third party providers for services and products that the MS may choose to utilize at MS’s sole discretion.

2)      ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­The MAAA shall retain all fees generated through group buying sites and/or promotional campaigns.  

3)      All membership or subsequent fees are the sole property of (MS).

4)     Membership is month to month and automatically renews each month.  MS can cancel at any time with 30-day prior written notice to MAAA.  (MS) will honor any promotions sold prior to said cancellation.         

5)      The MAAA is the exclusive agent for group buying sites and their marketing campaigns. While MS is working with MAAA, MS, the principal, agrees not to hire or employ any other agent for the creation of group buying sites and their marketing campaigns.

6)      The MAAA can accept and/or refuse campaigns for the MS.

7)      The MAAA may run multiple campaigns simultaneously using MS’s location within MAAA’s marketing.

8)      This membership form contains all terms among the (MAAA) and (MS) hereto with respect to the transactions contemplated hereby only.

9)      All notices and other communications which are given hereunder to (MAAA) and (MS) shall be in writing and shall be deemed to have been duly given if personally delivered or mailed.

10)       By completing the information below the MS owner consents to becoming a member of the MAAA and further consents to adhere to the membership terms as delineated herein.

Registration inqueries:
218 Commercial Blvd. Suite 201
Lauderdale By The Sea, Fl 33308